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Special thanks go to my grandson Florian, on whose initiative everything was created.

With his suggestions, contacts and photos, Ulli Fobbe also plays a large part in this site. You can read a lot on the fobbe.de website.

Horst Stolp should also be mentioned, who made his notes and the family register of Johann Tusche/Maria Bigge available.

Tobias Bracht also contributed his part to the side. His personal memories and documents are worth reading at ebbof.de.

Last but not least, the information from Franz Josef and Maria Dicke from Obermarsberg should be mentioned, who not only has the Marsberg family tree of Libor Tegethoff in his database and has shown us a line up to Charlemagne, but also created the family tree of the Frese family .

The Warburg genealogical tables, made available online as a pdf download by the Westphalia-Lippe Regional Association, have also been included in this family tree. There are a few nice stories to read about, among other things, the inheritance of Corvey Abbey.

My aunt Thea left me her family tree and my brother Antonius sent me some death certificates and photos, and then there were also Karl-Heinz and Marie-Luise Runte with their contributions.

Through the notes of my uncle Franz I received the necessary information about the ancestors on my mother's side. In the meantime, many church registers have been put online under the Matricula project, so that the data from the FamilySearch database can be seen as confirmed, but some have also been corrected.

There was a connection to the knights "von Rump(f)" and their later ancestral seat, today's "Haus Wenne" near Eslohe. The "nobilis" Caspar Rumpf marries Anna Margaretha de LaPaix from Arnsberg, is probably also named in the will of Anna Elisabeth von Rumpf and von Weichs (heirs of the "Haus Wenne" ) are godparents to his children.

Presumably economic reasons caused the blacksmith Johann Josef Limberg (my great-great-grandfather) and some of his siblings to leave Reiste. After the death of his father (+1848) he went to Grevenstein, Clemens(tailor) and Caspar(carpenter) in the USA and Caspar went on to Australia. Clemens took the name of the farm Roggemann as his family name in the USA. In the Sauerland people were often better known by their house- or farm- name or by an additional name. Christian Limberg from Dorlar married the heiress of the Rogge(mann) farm at (Nieder)Reiste in 1737.

as far as Franz Frese

Zweig: Philipp Fobbe *1803 bearbeitet
Thursday, November 17, 2022 8:24 AM

Der Zweig Philipp Fobbe 1803 wurde überarbeitet.
Etwa 50 Nachkommen wurden hinzugefügt, allerdings nicht mit Screenshot der Geburts-, Heirats-, Sterbe- Dokumente sondern nur mit Link auf die entsprechenden Einträge bei matricula-online.
Damit sollten der Zweig, soweit online verfügbar, vollständig sein.

Ein neuer Zweig
Sunday, October 9, 2022 8:48 AM

Ich habe einen neuen Zweig, von Hunold Fobbe +1664 ausgehend, hinzugefügt, der mit Reinhard Fobbe aus München endet. Die nahen Anknüpfungspunkte ergeben sich durch die Familien von Caspar Roland *1756, Franz Steinhoff *1738 oder Philipp Hillebrand 1773, um nur einige zu nennen. Vielen Dank für die Infos.

I added a new branch starting from Hunold Fobbe +1664 ending with Reinhard Fobbe from Munich. The close points of contact result from the families of Caspar Roland *1756, Franz Steinhoff *1738 or Philipp Hillebrand 1773, to name just a few. Thanks for the information.



Sunday, July 3, 2022 5:11 PM

Bearbeitung des Bigge - Zweiges aus Padberg, Kirchenbücher Beringhausen (besonders der Familie Emil Bigge, die 1894 in die USA ausgewandert ist).

Processing of the Bigge - branch from Padberg, church books Beringhausen (especially the Emil Bigge family, who emigrated to the USA in 1894).

Franz Anton Frese *1884
Birth: June 20, 1884Niedermarsberg
Occupation: Laborant
Death: March 28, 1954Niedermarsberg
Maria Bieker *1892 1916
Birth: December 23, 1892Giershagen
Death: October 22, 1970Niedermarsberg
Josef Rumpf *1887
Birth: October 29, 1887Grevenstein
Occupation: Schreiner
Death: July 19, 1974Warstein
Theresia Limberg *1888
Birth: January 4, 1888Grevenstein
Death: February 17, 1930Grevenstein
Heinrich Fobbe *1879
Birth: August 16, 1879Obermarsberg
Occupation: Maurer
Death: February 17, 1970Obermarsberg
Maria Oberhoff *1886
Birth: August 6, 1886Obermarsberg
Death: April 6, 1928Obermarsberg
Johann Tusche *1893 1943
Birth: January 16, 1893Obermarsberg
Occupation: Maurer
Religion: Katholisch
Death: August 22, 1965Obermarsberg
Maria Bigge *1903
Birth: August 27, 1903Giershagen
Religion: Katholisch
Death: May 1, 1988Obermarsberg
Theresia Schraub *1897
Birth: May 12, 1897Beisinghausen
Death: February 6, 1980Warstein